Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A God-Fearing Family


Join Doyle Davidson and Paul Peters on set today as Doyle shares about where he came from, the Davidson family, and the God fearing people that the Davidsons were.

James Madison Davidson was Doyle’s Great - Grandfather. In recent years Doyle came to find that James’ cause of death was due to Tetanus. Doyle, being a former veterinarian, knew that was a horrible death to die. Doyle says he is convinced by the Spirit of God that while James Madison Davidson was suffering death, he came to know the Lord Jesus. When James Madison died that August in 1911, it had a great effect on the whole family, thus putting a fear of God in the Davidson family, some of which came to rub off on Doyle. Doyle didn’t have the fear of God he should’ve had; but God had mercy and grace on Doyle, bringing him to Himself, teaching Doyle the fear of the Lord.

Doyle continues to share many of the details of this time, along with more personal testimonies and stories of other Davidsons, as well as his own life; sharing what all it has cost him in following the Lord. 


Scriptural References:

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Neva (Davidson) Dodson:

Neva Davidson was the oldest of Luther Albert’s children, born in 1895. The 1910 Federal Census (dated April) reflects her grandfather, James M. Davidson was living with them at that time and Neva was fourteen and a half years of age. Neva was just two months from her sixteenth birthday when her grandfather died the following year in his own home, August 1911. Neva married Claude Dodson in 1914. Benjamin Young mortgaged his farm to purchase property to start the Door of Hope orphanage and he asked Claude and Neva (Davidson) Dodson, to move to Independence, Kansas and farm the orphanage property. It took them four or five days to travel by horse and wagon, all their household belongings loaded on an A-frame that Claude had used to haul wheat. They arrived there in December 1919 and Claude began farming and Neva assisted with the new home for orphans. They lived in the “big” house with the Matron and children during the first three years, later they returned to Missouri. In 1932 they were asked to return and take charge of the farm.

Source: The History of the Bible Holiness Church by Cecelia Luelf Douglas and Ruth Smith Taylor

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