Monday, October 26, 2015

My Grace is Sufficient for Thee


Join Doyle Davidson and Paul Peters on set today as Doyle speaks about the grace and mercy on his family, the Davidson's, and the grace and mercy that has been on his life as well.
Doyle goes on to speak about the grace of God saying; “God’s grace is sufficient. God’s grace is poured out on whomsoever he will. His grace, God’s grace sometimes poured out seems strange. But my friends you need to understand, God owns the earth, all the inhabitants there and the fullness of the earth, and God reputed the inhabitants of the earth as nothing. And no one can say what does thou to Jehovah, to God.”

James Madison Davidson was Doyle’s Great - Grandfather. Doyle shares more about him and others in the Davidson family, as Paul goes on to read the the obituary from the Sarcoxie Recorder - 1911 about James Madison Davidson.

As Doyle was speaking he went on to share the following as well.
“I have said that it would be better if people were born again, died, and went to heaven before the great tribulation begins. It would be the mercy of God upon them. I stand with what I have said; however, I’ve got one thing I want to add. I know you will not like it, I know you don’t understand me, and you think I’m cruel. But I will tell you this, whatever it takes to get you saved, or born again and go to heaven, it’s worth it. Whatever it takes, because hell is eternal.”

Doyle shares about some of the grace and mercy in his own life. It was in 1973/74/75/76, that God was teaching Doyle that he was rich (II Corinthians 8:9). Doyle had been used to having a considerable amount of money, and now found himself broke. Here he was in his mid 30’s, and God was saying to him, you’re rich. Doyle was rich because of Jesus. One night there was to be a man speaking in Irving, Texas, and the Lord directed Doyle to go. There was a man of God there, his name was Ben Swett. Ben Swett shared how there was a man drunk in a tire shop, and a rich Jew came into that tire shop, and saved him. That rich Jew was Jesus. The grace of God upon Ben Swett transformed to Doyle Davidson with that testimony, was incredible. Doyle said that God had filled his cup with the words, “a rich Jew.”



Scriptural References:

Daniel 4:35
John 1: 15 - 17
II Corinthians 8: 1 - 9
Romans 1: 1 - 4


Read About It:   

Golden Davidson was a native of Virginia and was of English descent and a hatter by trade.  Sarah, Golden Davidson's wife, was also a native of Virginia and was of Welsh descent.  They migrated from Virginia to Big Valley, E. Tennessee, about the year 1807, from thence to Alabama in 1815. And moved to Morgan, County, Illinois, in 1828. From there they moved to Adams County, locating near Quincy, Illinois, in 1833. They both died while living there - he in 1834, and she in 1836 - and are buried about five miles north of what was the town at that time.
We have one record of one son born to Golden and Sarah Davidson. Joshua was his name. (Neva (Davidson) Dodson)
Note: Further research has revealed the Davidsons were also of Scottish descent.

Joshua Davidson: son of Golden and Sarah Davidson, was born in Virginia in 1792. He was married to Elizabeth Sharp May, 4, 1814 in Eastern Tennessee. Elizabeth Sharp was born in 1798, in North Carolina. They moved to Alabama in 1814 and from there to Illinois in 1830, settling in Macoupin County in 1831. They located about two miles east of Modesto on what is known as "the old home place". It was here that they both died - he in 1845 and she in 1873 - and were buried a short distance west of the home in the Horton Cemetery. Eighteen children were born to Joshua and Elizabeth Davidson, four of these died in infancy. Henry, the first child, was born while they lived in Alabama. He and two brothers fought for the northern cause during the Civil War.

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