Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Overcoming a Tormenting Spirit


Join Doyle Davidson and other ministers of the gospel this evening as they minister with power in word and in song.

Tonight Doyle shares about his mother Alba, how she told God, "If you give me a son, I'll give him back to you." Doyle was in his 50s, already ministering the gospel on television and radio. Doyle said to Alba, “Mother, no wonder I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.” God had believed Alba’s words, and had put those words in her heart because he had a plan for Doyle’s life.

When Doyle was a young boy attending Banner Elementary School, west of Sarcoxie, Missouri; his father received a phone call one Sunday morning; a man, not too far down the road had taken some thing to kill himself. Doyle shares how years later he learned that when that man took his own life, that spirit got in Doyle, entering into his heart. That spirit would tempt Doyle over the years from time to time trying to get him to take his own life. When that spirit would try and tempt him, Doyle’s will, and faith in Jesus Christ could withstand the temptation. In 1976 when he and Patti moved to Carrollton, things seemed to intensify with this spirit, challenging them routinely to take their own lives. One day Doyle overcame it and the spirit left them, and that was the end of it. Doyle believed it was a spirit sent to stop him from preaching the gospel.

At the close of the program, the Spirit of God directs Doyle to loose people there, as well as all over the world, from a spirit(s) of witchcraft that have haunted, pursued, tormented them all their life telling them to take their own life.

Other Ministers joining Doyle:

Kathie Davidson preaching the gospel and ministering about the Syrophoenician woman and how we must come boldly to the throne of grace.

Terre Brown, "The Old Rugged Cross"

Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters, "The Family of God"

Water of Life Quartet "Have A Little Talk With Jesus"

Water of Life Boys, “Adoration” , “Only the Redeemed”



Scriptural References:

Psalm 24:1
Romans 15:15-16
Acts 26: 13-18
Galatians 3:5
Romans 8:11

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