Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Nation Bringing Forth Fruit


Join Doyle Davidson and other ministers of the gospel this evening ministering with power in word and in song.
Doyle opens tonight speaking about Kathie Davidson, and how God has called her as a prophetess to speak to the world. In 2008 Kathie had a word that she spoke to Doyle through an email message regarding Israel. There are others walking with Doyle in the ministry for God’s purposes as well; those being descendants of the Mayflower. Doyle goes on to share how that he and David Kaspareit share ancestors who were key in establishing the six - principal churches.
Doyle, a prophet and apostle, and Kathie, a prophetess, also spoke a message to the nation of Israel and the world out of Zechariah chapters 13 - 14, and how those words spoken will come to pass in Israel.
In closing Doyle shared the following:
“Be assured my friends this word is true. The word of God is true. You can believe that, trust in it. I’ve been 46 years, in January, obeying God. And the word of God never failed in my life, and it never will. It will not fail in any man’s life. It will not fail in Israel’s life. Get ready Israel, God will fight for you.”
Followed with music by “Water of Life Boys”

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Scriptural References:

Matthew 21:43
Zechariah 13 - 14

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