Thursday, October 29, 2015

Will You Be Ready When Jesus Returns?


Join Doyle Davidson and Paul Peters today as Doyle begins the program speaking of the darkness that his persecutors have brought him into.

Doyle shares about his earthly father, Lyle Luther Davidson. When Lyle was seventeen he thought he was dying, God was dealing with him. Lyle told Doyle one day how at the age of seventeen, God had showed him hell, taking him in the Spirit. Lyle told Doyle how he saw people there he knew, he saw the flames. Three times God had showed him. Lyle had a fear of God that Doyle didn’t have. Doyle didn’t see hell; but having just turned twenty in April 1952, and having graduated from Hospital Corps School, Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California; he went to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California on Ward 74-A to work. Within 6 weeks Doyle was the Lead Corpsman. There he had 22 men, one paralyzed from the neck down with involuntary spasms that would bring pain, others, young men in their teens and twenties shot in the back with severed spinal cords, never to walk again. That was hell. Doyle’s prayer for 45 years has been that those men went to heaven, or will go. Doyle goes on to share how those who choose to reject Jesus of Nazareth will go to that place where it’s darkness, eternal darkness, no chance of coming out, torment, where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. His prayer, “Whatever it takes to get you to come to Jesus, that’s my prayer.”

Doyle continues to share about Patti, his first wife, how after she rebelled against God, and Satan took her over, Doyle stood with her, taking care of her until she went to heaven in 2003. Doyle also shares how God directed him since 1986 to give away half of the ministry’s money, and not too long afterwards, half of his own, today totaling over $25,000,000.00. Concluding today’s program, Doyle speaks of the visions, and those things pertaining to the last days we are living in.


Scriptural References:

Jude 1: 21 - 22
Luke 21: 29 - 30
Revelation 21
Daniel 11: 20 - 28
Isaiah 8:4

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