Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Your Faith


Join Doyle Davidson, David Brown, and Paul Peters on set as Doyle shares some of what the Lord has taught him over the years, and what he has learned, to get where he is today.

Jesus is the True Vine 
It was May 1970, Doyle had already sold his practice of veterinary medicine, and one day he asked God a question, “Who do I get with and who do I follow?” God had put those questions in Doyle’s heart, and began talking to him out of the book of John about the true vine. (John 15:1-8). That day Doyle had gotten his orders for the rest of his life.

Doyle continues ministering from John 15 about the true vine, the branches, and bringing forth fruit.

All Have Been Deceived 
Revelation 12:9
…... Satan, which deceiveth the whole world….
Doyle shares how the church has been greatly deceived, everyone of us has been deceived by Satan, the word of God says so, and only God and his Son Jesus, can straighten out a person’s life.

Doyle goes on to say, “Unless you follow Jesus daily, in all your walk, you’re walking in deception…...”

Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Your Faith 
Doyle speaks from Hebrews 12:1-3 about Jesus being the author and finisher of a person’s faith, while continuing to encourage every person to take the Water of Life Boys recorded songs and play them, and pray with them.

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Looking For Anointing and Faith
Doyle shares about two men he knew, Norvel Hayes, and R.W.Schambach. They had ministered here at Water of Life Church through Satellite years ago. It was back in the mid 80’s, Doyle says that he was looking for anointing and faith. He had some of his own, but he needed his faith perfected. While needing help to overcome a spirit, Doyle took R.W. Schambach’s teaching tape on Caleb, along with Norvel Hayes’ tapes that were done through Satellite and recorded from Water of Life; and spent eight hours in the east room of the church, on his couch listening to one of Norvel’s tapes after another, and Schambach's.

Doyle says, “I’ll never forget it. About the eighth hour, my faith, and those two guys’ faith, their anointing, and my anointing, broke something loose, thank God, I did overcome a bunch.”

Doyle continues sharing that the anointing and the faith that is on Terry Mai’s 11 recorded songs, of whom the Water of Life Boys minister along with, came from heaven, Jesus, through R.W.Schambach, Norvel Hayes, and Doyle.

Whom the Lord Loves He Chastens
Doyle goes on to minister from Hebrews 12, about the chastisement of the Lord, not pulling back when correction comes, and correction being necessary.

It was in Argyle, Texas when God told Doyle, “Be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live.”
(Hebrews 12:9). Doyle was 41, and that’s how God was talking to him, it put some fear of the Lord in him.


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