Sunday, December 20, 2015

Despised and Rejected of Men


Join Doyle Davidson and other ministers of the gospel this evening as they minister with power in word and in song.

Doyle speaks tonight how that he has been been despised and rejected by those who said they loved him; while going on to share out of Mark 4 about a stony heart, and that what breaks the stones and gets rid of the thorns in your heart, is by you believing the gospel of Jesus Christ that he preaches.

Other ministers joining Doyle:
Kathie Davidson preaching the gospel and ministering that our righteousness comes from the Lord, and what the benefits are of being righteous.

Water of Life Boys
“O Come Let Us Sing”
“I Am You Said To Me”

Water of Life Quartet
“Led Out Of Bondage”

Terre Brown
“One Day At A Time”


Scriptural References:

John 2:25
Isaiah 53:3
Mark 4
Romans 1:21-25
Luke 3:8
Psalm 30:5
Psalm 126:5

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