Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Water of Life Fruit Ministering the Gospel


Join Doyle Davidson and other ministers of the gospel ministering with power in word and in song.

Water of Life Ministries is available to 40 million homes through (WHT) World Harvest Television. On today's program you can see the fruit that has come out of Doyle's heart, minister in song through the numerous groups of Water of Life singers, and minister in word with Kathie Davidson preaching the gospel.

Kathie Davidson shares a message of how the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can and will deliver you of guilt.

Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 
"Alpha and Omega"

Water of Life Quartet
"Washed in the Blood"

Terre and the Browns
"Looking for a City"

Paul Peters
"Jesus Paid it All"

Brown Brothers

Terre Brown
"One Day at a Time"

Water of Life Quartet
"Fourth Man"

Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters
"Our God Reigns"