Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I’m Persuaded of Who I Am in the Lord


Join Doyle Davidson and Paul Peters on set today as Paul reads about Stukely Westcott and John Green. Both of these men are ancestors to Doyle Davidson.

Doyle then goes on to share how God sent Doyle to Plano to speak to the people of Plano. And also how God convinced Doyle that he was a prophet. Doyle had a vision, and the interpretation was “You are about to enter into deep water, and if you look to the left or look to the right or listen to any man you’ll drown.” Doyle has obeyed that vision all these 45 plus years.

Recorded Music:
Water of Life Boys - “There Stood A Lamb”


Scriptural References:

Matthew 21:43
Romans 4:21
Psalm 40:7-8
Acts 11, 13

Read About It:

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Stukely Westcott:

John Greene of Quidnessett:

1973 - Divine appointment - Hebrews 6:1-2:

Kathie Davidson - Revelation of Matthew 21:43:

1985 - Zimbabwe, Africa:

Denton, Texas - Bob Buess:

1980 - “Go to Plano and speak to the people at Plano”:

The apostle Roger Williams was looking for:

Vision - “...Don’t listen to any man”: