Saturday, April 16, 2016

An Apostle to Israel and Egypt


Join Doyle Davidson and Paul Peters on set today as Doyle talks about fasting for Egypt and Israel as well being an apostle to Israel and Egypt. Paul reads several passages to scriptures, ministering to Egypt and Israel.

 Kathie Davidson joins Doyle on set and continues to minister from Isaiah 53.

Special Music:
Terre Brown 
That’s What The Cross Is For (recorded song)


Scriptural References:
Doyle and Paul
Isaiah 19
Acts 2
Ezekiel 36:22-38

Doyle and Kathie
Zechariah 12:9-14
Isaiah 53:7
John 10:17-18
John 12:49-50
John 14:10
Mark 14:53-63
Luke 23:6-24
John 19:6-11

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Prophecy August 30, 2015 “...for you are on holy ground where I send you and the ground you stand on is holy, not because of you, but because I sent you there.”:

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