Sunday, April 10, 2016

How This Ministry Started


Join Doyle Davidson and others as they minister the gospel in word, song and power!

The first 20 minutes is praise and worship along with recorded songs ministered by Water of Life Singers.

Then Doyle shares about the beginning days of his ministry, how he sold his veterinary practice and ended up in Argyle, Texas. He held bible studies in his home, and always opened with two songs, “Great is the Lord” and “He Is Lord.” From there his ministry has continued to grow to where it is today.

Kathie Davidson ministers that Jesus was rejected by all, even by the Father, so the Father wouldn't have to reject us., Kathie shared a testimony of how God restored the relationship between a father and a son (Ralph) and He, through Jesus restored our relationship with the Father.


Scriptural References: 2 Chronicles 20
Revelation 18
Galatians 5

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History of My Ministry:

June 17, 1974:


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