Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31/2016AM - Worshipped the Creature More Than the Creator


Join Doyle Davidson, and Kathie Davidson on set today as they talk about spiritual adultery and the worshipping of idols, whether it be stones, stumps, images, or even a man and a woman. Kathie ministers about the sins of the whole world needing to be transferred to Jesus before he died, just as it was when sacrifices were offered in the Old Testament.

Special Music:
Terry Mai with Water of Life Boys
“There Stood A Lamb” (recorded song)

Terre Brown
“Who Am I?”


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Kathie's message:

Scripture References:

Jeremiah 3:8-9
1 Timothy 4:1
Ezra 10:10, 17
Romans 15:4
Romans 1:19-27
Romans 4:20
Acts 2:16-20
Acts 10:26
Exodus 20:2-5
Leviticus 4:13-20
Matthew 26:38-39
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Isaiah 53:4-6
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