Sunday, October 23, 2016

10/23/2016PM - My Ancestors Came to America So I Could Preach the Gospel


Join Water of Life Ministries as they preach the gospel to you in word, song, and power. Doyle shares tonight how the ministry has developed since 2008 when he by the Spirit of God said his ancestors were sent to America so he could preach the gospel. Doyle also speaks about several people at Water of Life who are descendants of Mayflower passengers, and Kathie D. tells the history of those Mayflower passengers, who wanted to come America for what they called “liberty of conscience”.

Special Music:
Terry Mai and Water of Life boys (recorded songs)
“O Come Let Us Sing”
“I Saw The Lord”

Terre Brown
“That’s What The Cross Is For”


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Kathie's Message:

Scripture References:
Isaiah 59:15
1 Peter 1:10-11
Psalm 16:8-10
Psalm 88:1-7
Isaiah 53:8-9
Jonah 2:1-4
Hebrews 2:14

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