Friday, October 28, 2016

10/28/2016 - A Nation Bringing Forth the Fruits Thereof


Join Doyle Davidson, and Kathie Davidson on set today as Doyle shares about the Lord talking to him this morning about the centurion in Matthew 8. Doyle then speaks about God visiting him in 1958 and the struggles he had not wanting to be a preacher, but God had a plan for his life. Kathie shares the history leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence because God had a plan for America to preach the gospel. Terre Brown closes the program ministering in song.

Special Music:
Terre Brown
“That’s What The Cross Is For”


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Kathie's Message:  "The Eagle's Wings, The Declaration of Independence"

Scripture References:
Matthew 8:5-13
Isaiah 41:9
Hebrews 10:31
Daniel 7:1-4
Matthew 21:43
Proverbs 21:1

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