Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12/28/2016 - He Became Sin, Who Knew No Sin

Join Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson on set tonight as Kathie ministers about Jesus becoming our sin, causing Jesus to become the world’s worst sinner and to go to hell to pay for those sins. Doyle then speaks about the persecution he has received from God’s people and addresses those that left Water of Life, including those who were made rich through Doyle’s faith and the gospel. Doyle says they are in rebellion against God, in danger of great trouble, but he encourages them to repent and return to the fellowship of Water of Life Ministries.

Special Music:
Terry Mai and Water of Life Boys (recorded songs)
“I Am”
“Rise and Be Healed”

Terre Brown
“God on the Mountain”

Mai Girls (recorded songs)
“To Him Who Sits on the Throne”
“Jesus Messiah”


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Scripture References:
Ezekiel 36:25-28
Romans 1:16
John 19:33-40
2 Corinthians 5:21
1 Peter 2:24
Isaiah 53:4-6
Psalm 88:3-4
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