Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12/6/2016 - Prayer for Restoration from God’s Great Army


Join Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson on set today as Kathie ministers about the restoration that Jesus brought through his death, burial, and resurrection. Doyle then prays according to Joel 2:23-27 for God’s people to be restored from what the locust, cankerworm, caterpillar, and palmerworm have eaten, God’s great army that He sent among them, and that they will never be ashamed.

Special Music:
Terry Mai and Water of Life Boys (recorded songs)
“It Is Finished”
“Rise Again”

Terre Brown
“That’s What The Cross Is For”


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Kathie's Message: "Jesus In The Psalms - Psalm 69:1-4"

Scripture References:
Luke 24:44-45
Psalm 69:1-4
1 Peter 1:11
Matthew 12:38-41
Jonah 2
Galatians 4:13-15
Romans 5:11-19
Joel 2:23-27

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