Friday, December 9, 2016

12/9/2016 - Faith, The Evidence of Things Not Seen”


Join Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson on set today as they begin with tongues and interpretations and prophecies by the Spirit of God. Kathie then ministers about faith being the evidence of things not seen, and Doyle shares about his great-grandfather James Madison Davidson dying the horrible death of tetanus and the grace of God on his life. Doyle also shares about his dad’s mule team moving a rock crusher that no other team of horses could move.

Special Music:
The Mai Girls (recorded songs):
“We Shall Be Satisfied”
“Jesus Messiah”
“It Is Your Love”
“To Him Who Sits On The Throne”

Terre Brown
“God On The Mountain”


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Kathie's Message: "Evidence Not Seen"

Scripture References:
Mark 6:4-6
Mark 7:25-29
Hebrews 11:1
Isaiah 53:5, 10

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