Saturday, September 16, 2017

9/16/2017 - Many Are the Afflictions of the Righteous but the Lord Delivers Him Out of Them All


Join Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson on set today for praise and worship with recorded songs of Terry Mai with Water of Life Boys and the Mai Girls. Doyle and Kathie minister Ecclesiastes 7: 26 "And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.” Doyle shares a testimony of overcoming a situation in 2005 with the Internal Revenue Service and also a more recent issue seeking information needed for conducting Water of Life business involving the Internal Revenue Service. He also shares about overcoming a spirit afflicting him last week and he and Kathie describe the afflictions he suffered and overcame last night. He closed reminding us, “I am coming out of this darkness, the victory is on the table!”

Praise and Worship:
Terry Mai and Water of Life Boys (recorded songs)
“I Am”
“There Stood A Lamb”

The Mai Girls (recorded songs)
“To Him Who Sits On The Throne”
“Come Now Is The Time”
“Here I Am To Worship”


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Scripture References:
Ecclesiastes 7:26
John 4
Psalm 34:19
James 1:17

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“The table is set…”:

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