Sunday, May 6, 2018

5/6/2018AM - Sharing Testimonies of the Past - You Must Be Born Again


Join Water of Life today as they minister the gospel in word, song and power. Doyle and Kathie talk about people Doyle came in contact with as a veterinarian and professional businessman. God has put certain individuals in his heart, to pray for them and one of those is Willie Nelson. Doyle shares several testimonies about God dealing in his own life; they talk about the Holiness people, Redwood Holiness Church and the Davidson family. Doyle invites the listeners to be born again/saved, praying the name of Jesus. Following the hour, he shares about his wife Patti and how God sanctified her before He took her to heaven. He closes the program praying, “Mercy grace…be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise and Worship:
The Mai Girls (recorded songs)
“Rejoice For The Steps”
“It Is Well”
“There Is A River”

Terre and the Browns and Paul Peters (recorded song)
“Holy Highway”

Terre and the Browns and Paul Peters (recorded song)
“Holy Highway”


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Sam Paschall - Willie Nelson - Fritz Von Erich:

American Saddlebred:

“If this is you that has been bugging me all these years…”:

Missouri Farm:

James Madison Davidson:

Luther Albert Davidson:

Lyle Albert Davidson:

Davidsons of Sarcoxie:

James Miller, Alba (Miller) Davidson’s uncle:

Alba (Miller) Davidson:

Redwood Holiness Church:

Benjamin Young - Holiness movement:

1984 Patti yielded to the devil:

1998 Identifying the false anointing:

Patti’s afflictions:

Patti said: “Doyle, thank God for you, if you haven’t prayed and believed God, we woudl have all gone to hell.”:

Patti and Matthew 5:43-48

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